Saturday Oct 10 @ 10:22pm
勝利くん~ 誕生日おめでとう ^▽^

勝利くん~ 誕生日おめでとう ^▽^

Saturday Oct 10 @ 10:18pm

Anonymous said: hi! i just want to say i really love your blog your edits and gif's are superb :) if it's okay to you i would like to ask you if you can help me to edit our pictures. it's our project and i will put it in a scrapbook. our final grades will depend on it. so if it's okay to you or you have free time i will be glad if you can help me! THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOD BLESS!

Don’t be anonymous for this kind of thing. I don’t know who you are to help. 

Thursday Sep 9 @ 10:04pm
Wednesday Sep 9 @ 09:42pm

i wish when i open my tumblr the day after tomorrow, i’ll read a report that ”MORIMOTO RYUTARO IS BACK TO HEY!SAY!JUMP”

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Tuesday Sep 9 @ 11:42pm